This is Nacho G Riaza
Photos & Videos by Nacho G Riaza
This is Nacho G Riaza
Wash N’ Set
Photoshoot for the vintage store The Good Old Days. More at:

New Issue featuring Freelance photographer and Media Responsable Nacho G Riaza  Buenos Aires, Argentina, for Issue 24. Coming out tomorrow!
Nacho G Riaza“Sometimes I think that I have some kind of voyeur eye.”The “perfect” moment is a sort of cosmic red herring, a tantalizing concept dangled in the distance, typically an impossible intersection of luck and subjectivity. We can only hope to be present when the seconds slip by, capturing escaping memories with whatever traps we wield.Nacho Riaza–a twenty-five year-old born in tiny Teruel, Spain, currently residing in Buenos Aires– keeps his camera ever at the ready, hoping to seize upon the evasive as it streams in front of his lens. From a job shooting portraits of musicians for a magazine, Nacho developed a love for the possibilities of photography–a fascination with color, action, the intersection of art and people, culture and connections.Nacho’s sense of context floats behind his desire to document: “Two of the pictures were taken in the National Library created at the end of nineteenth century. It’s one of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever seen, and was the place where I used to study. It has 6 floors, and from the last one you can see Río de la Plata, and every ten minutes you can follow a plane leaving the city from Jorge Newbery Airport over the river.”If you need a soundtrack to Nacho’s photos, he recommends you listen to “any song from the Matias Aguayo’s last album, The Visitor.” We recommend you toss on Aguayo’s raucous “El Sucu Tucu” and fight the good fight to find a perfect moment.
Featured in The Burning House project: